Superb Storage Solutions

Superb Storage Solutions

The past few months have been very busy here at The Bathroom Studio Kettering, with plenty of new customers and new displays being put up in the showroom, and one particular display has taken the longest to do. Introducing Dansani’s newest storage and lighting solutions.

In this room we started from scratch, taking everything out and even pulling the ceiling down as what we wanted to achieve was to show off the newest ways of incorporating light in a bathroom. First thing to do was to build out the wall to run our electric cables down for the power for each unit, and then record on paper the exact positions of each piece of wood ready for the plasterboard.


Next was the tricky part to plasterboard the walls and ceiling, plaster and then paint the ceiling and get the lights fitted. When that was complete we wallpapered the walls and had to mark out each fixing and cable exit ready for the units to be fitted to the wall.


Each unit has under mounted ambient lighting which gives a lovely effect underneath and shows off the floor below. The tall and basin unit also have internal lighting making it easier to see everything inside. With each unit you can have different colours, worktops, basin, door fronts and to option to change the internal shelving, with practical storage options. All shelves inside are adjustable and can be put at any height to suit your needs. The mirror now has 4 adjustable light colours and brightness settings, so whether it's makeup, shaving or doing your hair there will be a perfect light for you. 

Here is now the finished product.


In doing this we get to see how and what the fitters must think about when they are on a job, as this wasn’t a simple task to do and makes you more aware of what really goes in to making a bathroom from us look as fantastic as it does each and every time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone as this is The Bathroom Studio’s 30th Year in business and hope to see you in the showroom very soon.