Introducing Innovative Lighting

Introducing Innovative Lighting

Here are a few ways in which lighting can change your bathroom, for the better. Introducing innovative lighting.

Utopia, with almost 30 years’ experience in the bathroom industry have realised a ‘Room motion smart sensor’. Now this may sound complicated, but this inexpensive room sensor may be the start of how you use lighting to your advantage for the rest of your life. You simply set it to your requirements and let it do the rest for you.


Discreetly styled, with a white coloured face it matches the colours of most ceilings and can operate on any flat surface.

The sensor also has an integrated timer and lighting condition adjustment, so you can have the lights come on either all day or just at night when the natural light is at its lowest. The timer can allow you to keep the lighting on for up to 15 minutes after the last movement in the room is detected.

room sensor fitted

These controls are found on the back side of the sensor which can be easily removed to reveal the dials.

Another way of incorporating light in to your bathrooms is using LED mirrors. The light used in these can come as a warm white or cool white, with even the option to change between the two by holding down the sensor. Having an LED mirror can dramatically change the way your bathroom feels, whilst giving you great lighting to do things in the mirror such as makeup or shaving. 

Theme 80 Colour Change2

Here at The Bathroom Studio Kettering, we have plenty of lighting options on display along with 20+ displays, each taking in to consideration a different bathroom space, so come and have a look today!