Green Is Back

Green Is Back

When you think of the colour green you may think of nature, life, growth. Green has been named the colour of the year for 2017, so why not embrace that, and use it in your bathroom.

Green was an in colour for bathrooms 20 years ago, and people have completely discarded ever going back to it. But after looking at this, I’m sure you will want some green in your bathroom.

The Look

Getting the right look is important, especially when using a colour such as green. Do you want tiles or paint? Could you do both? You could half tile the bathroom, where the wet areas are and paint the rest. Another way is to not have such a strong green colour, and go for one that’s subtler and then possibly fully tile.

Also, another good idea is to keep the tiles plain and to have the furniture in green. You could go with white tiles as they of course go with green, and make the room seem larger especially when good light is coming in.

Keeping things Simple

Or as an alternative to all the above, you can keep it simple and have splashes of colour within different accessories around the room. Using towels, flannels, coloured vases for plants, or even changing the colours of your soap dish holder and your toilet brush can make for a completely different look. If you do this you can change the colours of the accessories as much as you like and each colour can change the whole look of the bathroom.

So come to The Bathroom Studio, Kettering and create your brand new bathroom today!