C-Bonded, By Duravit

C-Bonded, By Duravit

Duravit are always looking to be at the forefront of design with their products and here is a new innovative style that they have produced. This is called C-Bonding.

Using new techniques, the washbasin has now been bonded to the unit, with the ceramics fitting perfectly, which gives a fantastic seamless look.

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All c-bonded versions are based primarily on the L-Cube bathroom furniture range. Within this range you have many storage solutions and can have either wall mounted or floor standing units with many colour options to suit any wall and floor colour. This series comes with easy push open drawers for that ultra-modern feel and finish.

The ceramic has now been made from Duravit’s brand new composition, which makes the wash area easy to wipe over and clean. Now with the permanent c-bonded edge applied this is not only seamless but water resistant as well.

There are only two available ceramic series available for the c-bonded finish, which are Darling New and Vero Air. Vero Air is the one of the latest releases from Duravit, being the successor of Vero, this new range has sharper lines and thinner edging making it look even better than before.

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We have the new Vero Air C-Bonded furniture on display here at The Bathroom Studio Kettering, so come and explore our showroom and see what products you bond with.